Iron Chef

Iron Chef Competition

This year, was our third debut of the Battle of Dips in an Iron Chef Competition!!!  This competition gives students in grades 5-8 an opportunity to showcase their personal culinary creativity, flex their Iron Chef skills and experience healthy eating. 

In this competition, awards were given to the best overall dip, most creative dip, and best iron chef team spirit.  The team who won the best overall dip will appear at our next board meeting.  Below are the pictures of the 5-8 winners of each category:

Team The Fab 4: Winner of Best overall dip.  Pictured left to right: Lydia Ventresca, Carlie Strong, Anna Cardwell, & Zoe White. 

Team Senor Blueberry & The Sweet Queens:  Winner of most creative dip.  Pictured left to right: Emily Adams, Lizzie Williams, Pace Gillman, Sophia Douglas, & Jade Robison.

Team The American Tryhards:  Winner of Best Iron Chef Team Spirit.  Pictured left to right:  Kyle Julian, Griffin Coen,  Case Calhoun, Kaden Mingus, Hudson Russell, & Paxton Russell.  


 2018 Iron Chef video courtesy of Butch Campbell.